Electro-optic level sensor

Mounting Options Side Mount
Switch Type Electro Optic Level Switch
Media Type Liquid
Model Number ELS-950
Material/Body Plastic
DC Voltage 5 VDC, 12 VDC
Brand Gems
Level Measurement Type Point Level

GEMS ELS-950/ELS-950M Series Rugged Electro-Optic Level Sensors:

The ELS-950 and ELS-950M Series represents Gems’ smallest electro-optic level sensors developed to monitor a broad range of media including OHV type fluids.

Our UL approved design features a TPE over-molded electronics insert, TPE insulated wires, and fluorocarbon o-ring seals that create a watertight, environmentally resistant assembly, ideally suited for use in harsh environments.Both series offer excellent temperature and pressure capabilities.

With its brass housing and fused glass prism, the ELS-950M isbuilt to be more durable in challenging environments, includingoutdoors and engine bays.

The ELS-950 and ELS-950M are excellent for industrial OEMsrequiring a solid-state sensor for small space and high temperature environments.

Typical Applications:-
• Coolant reservoir monitoring and warning
• Medical diagnostic, sterilizer, washers and dialysis equipment
• Low lubricant warning on machine tools, generatorsets, on- or off-highway vehicles
• Low level warning in hydraulic reservoirs
• Plastic over flow bottles, plastic radiators
• Leak detection for drip pans