• Highest possible measuring accuracy
  • Ensures measurement reproducibility
  • Relative humidity and temperature measurement and calculated psychrometric values
  • Two interchangeable probe inputs, digital or analog
  • 20,000 data point memory with real-time clock
  • Data capture of 250 data points each for up to 8 defi ned locations
  • Probe adjustment with dew point reference
  • Battery status indicator and charging function

Flexible choice of probes

  • The HygroPalm23 can be fi tted with interchangeable probes
  • Has 2 probe inputs
  • Connection of HygroClip2 or analog probes possible
  • No adjustment required for HygroClip2 probes


  • Easy and quick access to service connector possible
  • Mini USB interface available for a PC running HW4 software
  • Offers extended calibration and calculation functions
  • Remote connection to HygroClip2 transmitters

Practical display

  • The clear, backlit graphic display is easy to read and the simple menu navigation provides fast access to all the information available
  • Trend indication of values
  • Saves measurements (capture logging)

and allows display of all values

  • Battery status indicator
  • Display resolution to 3 decimal places
  • Various display formats available


probe inputs                                       :  2 (HygroClip2 or analog)

Humidity sensor                                 : Depends on probe

Temperature sensor                           : Depends on probe

Accuracy at 23 ±5 °C                          :Depends on probe used (±0.8 %rh / ±0.1 K)

Long-term stability humidity sensor    :< 1 %rh / year

Response time _63                            :Depends on probe

Start-up time Typically                        :< 3 s

Measurement range                            : Depends on probe

Electronics operating range                : 0…100 %rh / -10…60 °C

Display type                                        : Graphic display, backlit, parameters confi gurable,

3 decimal places

Alarm indicator                                   : Yes

Real-time clock                                  :Yes, with backup battery

Trend indicator                                   : Yes

Power supply                                     : 9 V battery or rechargeable battery

Power consumption                           :Typically 10 mA with backlight off

Power for 3rd-party probes               :Yes, battery voltage

Battery indicator                                :Yes, status indicator

Firmware upgrade                             :Yes, via HW4 software

Sensor diagnostics (drift, state)         : Programmable, default: off

Filter                                                   :Depends on probe

Max. air velocity at sensor                 : Depends on probe